(Activation in fragments of Diego Rivera´s murals in the National Palace)

This installation is an allegory, like a behind the scenes maquette, within the National Palace, Mexico City, home to Diego Rivera´s murals. It invites the viewer to contemplate the constitutional history of Mexico, as a process based piece, where body and law dialogue. The counter restoration of the murals show values of liberty, justice, equality and solidarity as desires of the present and future of society.

Two restorers are employed to reproduce 7 sketches, on a double sided wall made from fragments of Rivera´s murals. Over a six month period, working in the space, they simultaneously paint and rub out one sketch on top of another, forming a colliding palimpsest of different interpretations, histories and implications

1st Documentation - 23 January 2017

2nd Documentation - 3 April 2017

3rd Documentation - 1 September